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We are a small feed mill, specializing in exceptional service. We have a differential drive roller mill, horizontal mixer, and liquid fat capabilities. We grind, mix, and deliver custom bulk feed rations based on your needs and operation. We care about your animals and your bottom line as much as you do.


In 2017 we decided to begin our own line of bagged cattle feed and mineral to bring better value to you and better nutrition to your animals. We offer these products along with, other, high-quality bagged feeds. From the fish in your pond to your 4-H steer, we have all of the products you need. 


In addition to our two, 15-ton, delivery trucks, we have purchased a 24-ton capacity feed semi-trailer to help deliver more economically to farmers with higher feed demands. 


For your convenience, you can even use our storage to grain bank your own grain.

Contact us today to see how we can best suit your needs! 

Stress Tubs - Now Formulated with Alltech Ingredients

Maternal Max Mineral

Maternal Max Mineral

Feed Period: Year Round

  • Optimizes Performance
  • Support's the Body's Natural Defense System
  • Supports Healthy Antioxidant Status
  • Contains Organic Trace Minerals which Offer Higher Bioavailability than Inorganic Minerals
  • Better Absorbed, Stored and Utilized by the Animal than Inorganic Mineral Sources
  • Reduced Concerns About Negative Mineral Interactions
  • Supports Mineral Retention and Tissue Reserves
  • Reinforces Mineral Status, Leading to OPtimal Overall Health, Immune Status and Reproductive Function of the Animal


Maternal Max Mineral with Actigen®

Feeding Period: 60 days prior to calving through breeding

Along with the benefits that Maternal Max provides, Maternal Max with Actigen® helps bind harmful bacteria and builds natural defenses to promote good gut health and boost performance. 

Benefits of Actigen®

  • Helps Calves Thrive and Reach their Genetic Potential
  • Supports Animal Performance
  • Aids Nutrient Utilization
  • Supports Economic Returns


Benefits of Organic Trace Minerals in Cows


growth, natural defense system, reproduction, foot health


digestion, vitamin B12 synthesis


reproduction, growth


natural defense system


antioxidant, reproduction, calf viability, natural defense system

Liquid Feed

Quality Liquid Feed

We offer quality liquid feed that you can pick-up yourself to integrate into your feeding plan or we can deliver. We also offer custom bale soaking using our liquid feed. 

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Feed Sales

Mark Shaull, Feed Manager
Cell: 563-299-4164
Office: 563-886-6177 
Randy Buesing
Cell: 563-320-6394
Office: 563-886-6177
Mark Shaull, Feed Manager
Cell: 563-299-4164
Office: 563-886-6177 

Randy Buesing
Cell: 563-320-6394
Office: 563-886-6177


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