Variable Rate Technology
Cedar County Coop has the technology and know-how to help you maximize your ROI per acre. We can take information provided by you for your fields, put that information into Climate field view and create a prescription map for you. We can do this with either fertilizer or seed. 

Our new AGCO RoGator 1100C with four-wheel steering, featuring the Edge 4 box by New Leader is the latest benchmark in precision application. This is a substantial improvement to our fleet and will help meet the custom need of our grower in their quest to create the most productive, yet cost-effective, farming environment. 

New Leader is the forefront of precision application technology. The Edge 4 box puts dry products exactly where and when crops need them. The industry proven, patented G4 spinner technology spreads material faster, wider, and more consistently. The dual RPM sensors and pulse width modulation (PWM) valves help maintain precise speed on each individual spinner within 5 RPM. Additionally, the box gives operators the power to apply along a boundary line for the most precise nutrient placement toward maximum yields.

Bulk Fertilizer Facilities
With our new bulk fertilizer storage shed & mixing facility, we have the ability to mix large batches of fertilizer for pick-up or we can spread for you. 
Our staff of agronomist and Certified Crop Advisors can recommend the right products for any pest you might encounter in your field and always keep your ROI and best interest at heart. Whether it be herbicide to remove the Giant Ragweed from your problem field to fungicide for the gray leaf spot that showed up thanks to Mother Nature's hot, humid weather.