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West Branch

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West Branch, IA 52358

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Prepay, Booking, and Budget

In the spring, we send out a contract that offers you several options for the following year's propane season:


Option 1: Prepay

               With a prepay option, you lock in the most ecomonical, pay-up-front price for your estimated usage.


Option 2: Booking

               With a booking option, you do not have to pay ahead of time, but you can still lock-in a very good price for an agreed-upon number of gallons.


Option 3: Budget

               With a budget option, you are locked into a fixed price with your projected usage, allowing you to pay over an 11-month period.



We want you to have the best experience possible and never have to worry about running out of propane. The following list provides our free structure:

If you pay within 7 days of your tank being filled, we offer you a $0.04 discount/gallon. The discounted amount is calculated for your convenience at the bottom of the ticket the driver leaves in your door. Please note: if you prepay for propane, no payment is due.

Minimum Delivery: 200 Gallons

Under Minimum Fee: $75

Special Trip Charge: $150 (only applied if we have to go off route to fill your tank)

Out of Gas Charge: $150 (if your tank gets so low that the pilot light has to be re-lit)

After Hours Delivery: $150

Labor Rates: $75/Hour (Repair work, etc.)


We are always committed to making sure you have the best experience. If you have any questions, pleas feel free to contact us at either of our Tipton or West Branch offices and we will do our best to assist you.



Ask us how to become a stock-member and earn patronage on the gallons you purchase!


Contact Information


Energy Manager:

Gregg Kilburg




To place orders, billing questions, or to pay by phone:

Tipton Office: 563.886.6177

West Branch Office: 319.643.7101