Our Feed Mill


In February 2021, we took the next step to servicing your operation efficently and opened our new feed mill consisting of a differential drive roller mill and horizontal mixer with liquid fat capabilities. 


We grind, mix, and deliver custom bulk feed rations based on your needs and your operation!  To help deliver more economically to farmers with higher feed demands, our feed department consists of two 15-ton delivery trucks and three 24-ton capacity feed semi-trailers.


Stop in to our feed store to learn more about our new feed mill's capabilties and to check out our wide selection of feed brands, including our own!


We offer some of the most well standing, exclusive service around. We can literally make almost any feed you need! If we can't? We will get it for you! When you call us, it's not a matter of "if" we can provide it for you, it's a matter of "when" and "how!" Call our feed team for anything you need to order. 

 (563) 886-8222